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2" 50mm Rear Lift Kit Greasable Shackle For Isuzu Holden Rodeo TF 1988-2002


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Product Overview :

- Greasable Extended Shackle

- It will a much smooth ride on or offroad as the shackles are able to move with the leaf spring giving a much more linear stress reduced suspension action.

- Greasable pins are used to ensure a comfortable ride that also accept standard bushes.

- The greasable pins are pressed and then welded in to stop them from working loose and wearing the shackles plates.

- The greasable nipples are encapsulated in the nut to avoid being damage offroad.

- All extended shackles incorporate a stepped bolt design, ensuring that the shackles cannot be overtightened, resulting in deformation of the bushings.

- These shackles which will give you approximately 1" - 2" inch ( 25-50 mm ) of extra lift due to the fact that you are raising just one end of the spring.

Features :

- 100% Brand New

- Top quality extended shackles suitable for vehicles engineered to the highest standard. Will provide approximately 1" - 2" inch ( 25-50 mm ) of lift.

- You can use these with your standard suspension or with aftermarket suspension to help level out the typical nose down appearance that the 4x4 Vehicles have.

** Lift Height will depend on weight of combined accessories on the vehicle

Notes :

- Not including Installation Guide or Manual

- Professional Installation is Recommended

- Rear Exhaust pipe and Shackle maybe touching each other. Rear Exhaust Piping need to adjust a bit, to create some space between shackle and exhaust pipe

- Only Fit For Rear Leaf Spring Models

- Some model year in some countries may not be the same as described. ( Please do contact us to make sure is it fit your car )

Applications ( Fits For Below Vehicles ) :

Model Year Model Chassis Code
1988 - 2002 Isuzu Rodeo TFR / TFS
1988 - 2002 Isuzu Pickup TFR / TFS
1988 - 2002 Holden Rodeo TFR / TFS
1988 - 2002 Chevrolet LUV TFR / TFS
1988 - 2002 Opel Campo TFR / TFS
1988 - 2002 Vauxhall Brava TFR / TFS

*** Please make sure it fit your car before purchase ***

*** Most of the images provided are for illustration purposes only and may not be the actual products.

Package Content :

- 2 x Rear Greasable Shackles

Packing Size : 19 x 14 x 10 cm

Packing Weight : 2.5 kg

Actual Weight : 2.4 kg