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2005++ Mitsubishi Triton ML MN L200 Turbo Diesel EGR (Blue) Block Blanking plate


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2005++ Mitsubishi Triton ML MN L200

Turbo Diesel EGR (Blue) Block Blanking plate

Product Overview :

EGR blanking plate to suit Mitsubishi Triton L200 2005 Onwards diesel turbo engines only. Laser cut t5 aluminum plate with blue color. Used to block the exhaust gases from re-entering your engine which can cause catastrophic engine failure.

1) Blocking the EGR will certainly stop the carbon particulates from the exhaust clogging up the inlet manifold. See picture of a clogged intake manifold.

2) When blocking the EGR port you are redirecting 100% of the exhaust gases back out the exhaust via the turbo. The turbo now has total exhaust pressure turning the blades which means the turbo will spool up quicker.

3) No carbon partials entering the vehicle in intake which keeps vacuum and boost lines cleaner.

4) Less engine oil contamination. Many carbon partials that enter the air intake through the EGR system find their way into the oil system. This has a tendency to clog the oil galleries and greatly increase premature engine wear.

Features :

- Part brand : ECU Shop
- Color : Blue
- Condition : Brand New Item
- Material : Aluminium
- Block exhaust gas from entering engine
- Prevent carbon particles clogging up in your inlet manifolds

Suitable For :

- Mitsubishi Triton ML MN L200 Turbo Diesel 2005 Up (2.5L 4D56 Diesel Turbo)

Please Take Note !!!

- No Installation Guide or Manual Included
- Professional Installation Highly Recommended

Any Queries about the item.. Please Don't Hesitate send an email to us.. Thank You~

Package Included :

- 2 Pcs EGR Blanking Plate

Packing Weight : 0.5~KG
Packing Weight : 1.1 lbs

Packing size : 15 x 15 x 4 cm
Packing size : 5.91 x 5.91 x 1.57 inch