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4WD Snorkel Kit for Isuzu D-Max DMAX D MAX and Holden Rodeo RA 4X4 FREE SHIPPING


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This Snorkel Kit Includes:
~ Air ram intake head
~ LLDPE Snorkel
~ Flexible Snorkel to "existing vehicle intake" joining pipe
~ Stainless Steel intake head and ducting clamps
~ All mounting studs, screws, washers, clips, nuts & brackets
~ N`ylock Nuts

Note : For Holden Rodeo RA vehicles before 2007 the snorkel will fit but visually follows a slightly different radius to the wheel arch.

Suits the following engines:
~ 4JH1TC 3.0L Diesel
~ 4JJEN   3.0L Diesel (Fitment Right)
~ 4JJ1   3.0L Diesel (Fitment Right)

~ Heavy duty Linear Low Density Polyethylene construction. Modified for high UV resistance and Puncture Resistance
~ Drainage outlets on the Air ram intake head act to disperse water and dust that may enter your engine
~ Rotomoulded specifically for the above mentioned models, allowing for easy fitting and the best seals against water and dust possible
~ Nylock nuts which will not vibrate lose
~ Fitting a snorkel to you vehicle provides several key advantages and can save your engine from catastrophic failure. Cold, dry air is drawn from high up which is essential    in water crossings where your standard air intake may otherwise be susceptible. Studies have also shown that snorkels can increase fuel economy and life of your air      filter. Ultimately, fitting a snorkel is going to drastically improve your vehicles offroad capabilities.

About the Product:
~ A snorkel system relocates your engine's air intake point from the relatively low and vulnerable position under the hood to a much higher and safer location where a constant source of cool, clean, dry air is available. Manufactured from premium quality polyethylene snorkels are incredibly resilient and UV stable. The material used    is LLDPE which is much better than fiber or ABS.

Packing Size : 102 x 38 x 17 cm

Packing Weight : 13.5 kg*