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20 Steps Coilover Shock Suspension Fix For Silvia S13 180SX 200SX 240SX 88-94


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20 Steps Racing Coilover Shock Suspension Kits Fix For Silvia S13 180SX 200SX 240SX 88-94

Product Overview :

* High quality Twin Tube damper

These Coilover utilize a very well respected and proven Twin Tube damper design combined with high quality components which has gone through numerous rigorous tests and costly manufacturing processes. This design has gained worldwide recognition for its unparalleled performance and it is being used as an OEM stock application in some high end performance cars.

The Twin Tube use a single outer tube and the oil and gas are separated by a free piston, which puts the oil on the top and gas on the bottom.

* 20 levels fully adjustable damper

These Coilover offer excellent, versatile performance, durability and ride comfort over all road conditions. Featuring 20 levels of damping adjustment, it combines both rebound and compression in one adjust for simplicity and ease of use. The damper can be easily accessed and adjusted via a knob at the top of the damper mount.

Simple adjustments can be made to tune to your desired style of driving and comfort level that you desire. This allows you to preset to soft damping for your daily drive and switch to hard damping for track days.

* Two way independent height adjustment

It uses a threaded tube body coupled with an adjustable lower mount, offering an independent height adjustment.

This means a wide range of height adjustment is available without affecting the spring per-load or the damper stroke length. This allows significant ride height changes without sacrificing shock travel or ride comfort. So whatever height is being set, you will received to optimum performance of the damper. You can raise your car up to factory height for OEM appearance.

Otherwise, you can drop your car all the way down for a formal racetrack aggressive outlook which also lowers your center of gravity.

Not to mention, by lowering the center of gravity from OEM height you dramatically improve the vehicle’s performance and handling characteristics.

Features :

- 20 step to adjust soft / hard adjustment according to your preference

- Full threaded absorber tube casing for independent height adjustment

- SAE9254 high strength durable cold wound steel & heat treated coils

- Lock rings are made of high quality cast iron and the lower bracket is made from lightweight aluminium material.

- Improved Handling and stability without premature tire wear

- Improved Vehicle Stability and traction in hard cornering situations

- Adjustable ride height

- 25% - 30% stiffer than stock springs

- Aggressive Visual Stance on Vehicle

- Twin Tube design to enhance ride comfort

- Attached from lower mount, allows retaining full stock travel

- Taiwan Made, High Quality Parts

** Warning ** - Electronic Damper Control system: Car models with Electronic Damper Control system may experience 'engine check light' after installing the Coilover suspension kit. This is due to the removal of OEM adaptor plugs which connect to your OEM suspension.

Your ECU is unable to detect the suspension and therefore activates the engine check light.

Please note that this Coilover suspension is unable to pair with your car's ECU.

Nevertheless, you may have the engine check light removed by doing a ECU refresh. Please consult your car mechanic or tuner for such service. 

Notes :

- Not Included Installation Guide or Manual

- Professional Installation is a MUST

Fit For :

- 1988 - 1994 For Silvia S13 ( a.k.a. 180SX / 200SX / 240SX )

*** Please make sure it fits your cars before purchase ***

Package Content :

- 1 x Full Set Coilovers

Packing Size : 72 x 52 x 20 cm

Packing Weight : 24 kg