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Raise Up 2 Inch Front + Rear Set Upgrade Lift Kits Fit For Ranger BT60 PX XL


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 Raise Up 2~Inch Front + Rear Set

Upgrade Lift Kits

Suits Ford Ranger BT60 PX XL 2012 Onwards 


Item Descriptions:

- These FRONT And REAR LIFT KIT add UP 2" extra to your Ford Ranger Mazda BT60 T6 2012 Onwards.
- It is a simple job to install with basic hand tools. 
- You can use these with your standard suspension or with aftermarket suspension to help level out the typical nose down appearance that the Ford Ranger Mazda BT60's have.
- The lift spacer is NOT a 1:1 ratio - Meaning that the lift height achieved is  much greater than the actual thickness of the spacer. The reason is that the lower          control arm compounds theamount of lift due to its angle and length.
- 2~PCS 25mm FRONT SHOCK ADAPTER: (These Aluminium spacers are 25mm thick and will lift the front of your Car Model  around 35mm)
- 2~PCS PRO REAR ADAPTER :These REAR LIFT KIT add UP 2" (51mm ) extra to your 4X4 CAR  

Packing Weight: 6.0 kg
Packing Weight: 13.2 lb

Packing size: 32 X 32 X 10 CM
Packing size: 12.6 x 12.6 x 3.94 Inch