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Snorkel Air Intake Arm New Accessory Suits Suzuki Grand Vitara Gen 2 1.9L & 2.7L


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Suzuki Grand Vitara Gen 2 1.9L & 2.7L Snorkel

1/2006 to 12/2011 1.9 Litre I4 Diesel

1/2006 to 12/2007 2.7 Litre V6 Petrol

*This snorkel kit fits to the vehicle using the existing vent on the right hand side (drivers side).


Shop from the experts, these snorkel kits are as good as they come...don't be fooled by cheap, low quality imitations seen on eBay! 

Snorkel Body

Constructed as a single piece LLDPE rotomoulded snorkel body. Such a production process is designed to give DD enquirement snorkels the highest integrity and uniformity. Flexible rubber connector hose are developed to allow increased, unrestricted and excess air flow to your engine. Avoiding circular delivery pipes prevents inconsistencies in cross sectional airflow, regions of low pressure and whirl pooling as seen with many snorkels.

Plastic Quality 

DD Enquirement specifies only the highest grades of LLDPE plastics for the construction of their snorkels. Being an smart buyer,brand it is understood that customer's 4WDs are exposed to some of the harshest conditions in the world. All plastics used are seeded for UV and color stabilization. Shorter chain branching and a low deviation in molecular weight distribution allows for good shear resistance, high impact and puncture resistance as well as environmental stress cracking resistance. These features along with just enough flexibility and polymer extension means you have one tough snorkel that can handle outback conditions as well as contend with vibrations and flexes in your four wheel drive.

Included in this kit
- Snorkel head - LLDPE Snorkel
- Flexible hose Connector 
- Snorkel Air Arm Intake
- All mounting studs, screws, washers, clips, nuts & brackets

* No installation instruction included, no other tools provided in this listing (what you see is what you get)'

Packing Size : 100 x 17 x 36 cm
Packing Size : 39.37 x 6.69 x 14.17 Inch

Packing Weight : 12.5kg*
Packing Weight : 27.56 lbs